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[HOT] UTS Diabetes software for iPhone is ready!

15-Jun-2009 13:47:26

Great news!

UTS Diabetes for iPhone is ready


available on the iPhone App Store



UTS Diabetes for iPhone is an application that allows you to keep track of your diabetes records and optionally to share your results with your doctor, relatives, and friends via the online service.



The glucose records are colored according to their value levels. This allows you to quickly find peak levels.


In addition to blood glucose, you can also track carbohydrates, insulin and medications. Adding a new record is simple, as no typing is required.


The various different types of charts display all of your records in a graphical form. The colored background shows whether or not your glucose level is in the dangerous, normal or optimal zone.


The reports will show your summarized statistics.




Watch the short presentational video that we made for DiabetesMine Design Challenge 2009 and share it via YouTube.Com.



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