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Zelrix, A Migraine Patch, Is Moving Forward

17-Aug-2009 14:14:46





Pharmaceutical company NuPathe Inc. out of Conshohocken, PA has just announced positive results from Phase III clinical trial of Zelrix™, a novel transdermal patch in clinical development for the treatment of acute migraines.






Zelrix relies on the company's proprietary iontophoretic transdermal technology, called SmartRelief™, to continuously deliver sumatriptan. The big idea behind Zelrix, "a thin, disposable, single-use device in a self-contained system," is to give migraine sufferers a new therapeutic option with a proven medication, so they can stick on a patch and get medication fast and consistently, regardless of nausea, vomiting, or other gastric symptoms associated with migraine.




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Planning on developing a rec room in your basement or in that extra bedroom that you have? Sure, that's a better plan if you want to be just like every other homeowner that's hiring general contractors to update their liveable space. If you then have a lot of desire but limited home space for making a rec room or media room for your family then turn your attention elsewhere - like the garage.

Think smart when you're working with a general contractor to develop a new space in your home. When you get creative, such as turning a rarely-used garage into a rec room - you're investing in your liveable space. The return comes when it's time to sell the property along with perhaps relocate. Should you never sell, you have a great destination for a get away from the norm entrance and settle into a nice private area perfect for you or all the family.

A finished garage is a hip way to revitalize your home and create an entertainment "addition". It's a natural choice because the architecture and framework has already been in place and in some cases - so is the electricity.

When buying from the DIY store it is important to know exactly what the job you have in mind requires. Not only is it necessary to know what is required but you need to understand how to do the job.

Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating start up company ideas. When we plan to launch a new business, we either leverage a pre-existing concept or we develop our own unique idea. The same applies to growing a pre-existing business.

Ideas are important when it comes to any business. If you manage your own online business know how to capitalize your opinions and turn them into a profit.

If you have any old MAGLITE's laying around, what I recommend to do is convert them to an LED, using a Maglite LED conversion kit. Listed below is a very simple way of accomplishing your own LED Sales right at home.

Is a floor covering inside your kitchen jaded and crumbled? Are the counters scared with burns and grazes? Is the design of the kitchen area cumbersome? If you do, the time is right to think about your kitchen remodel. Modernizing the kitchen could increase the value of your whole home, and kitchen redesigning is usually an enjoyable process which calls on your own creativeness.

In this article The Homeopathic Coach demonstrates how to use homeopathic medicines at home for dental problems. Homeopathy is a natural and safe way to treat dental issues and toothache and can be used safely in pregnancy.

Lost for activities with all that leftover pumpkin from Halloween? Check out these pumpkin DIY beauty recipes for some inspiration! With anti-ageing and cell-rejuvenating properties as well as being nutrient-packed, you'll be surprised to learn how overlooked the simple pumpkin in fact is.

As the publishing industry undergoes chaotic upheavals of change, it is useful to track that change through the very books that are riding that change, and implementing it, through how they are created, published, distributed and sold. Cyber Law by Brett Trout is a perfect example of such a book.

Wikipedia is a very important tool in a tech-savvy legal marketers' system. Web technologies like REALLY SIMPLY SYNDICATION from blogs, wikis, discussion boards, and other kinds of channels into feed-enabled places create buzz about an attorney or lawyers.

Journals in general are a lot of work. Law Review will require even more work. Members lose even more of their freedom, but they also gain from being on Law Review. Thus, the question must be asked: is Law Review worth it?

After getting the right mindset for your legal mindset, what law school requirement comes next? Uncovering that wonderful college obviously! There are a few critical things in this pursuit: 1) don't simply choose the uppermost ranking schools, 2) identify what facets of law are most fascinating back, and additionally 3) direct awareness of schools that rank highest for those distinct programs that pique your awareness.

After getting the right mindset for your legal mindset, what law school requirement comes next? Uncovering that wonderful college obviously! There are a few critical things in this pursuit: 1) don't simply choose the uppermost ranking schools, 2) identify what facets of law are most fascinating back, and additionally 3) direct awareness of schools that rank highest for those distinct programs that pique your awareness.

Unless you're living in a cavern somewhere in Siberia, you've heard a lot about legal issues of Attraction. Maybe you've looked into it. Maybe you've seen the DVD The secret. I don't know. I present this subject in a slightly different way than most people do.

According to security experts, offenders are becoming even smarter by the minute as they discover new ways of hacking on to another model's property by simply connecting to the internet.

The Shopping Carnival in an annual event which happens during the months of October and November. Visitors will have the chance to come across amazing deals while shopping in Kuala Lumpur at this time of year as many of the country's top retailers offer fantastic offers and discounts.

So, is the Shopping Genie a Scam? That is the question on the table. The Shopping genie is actually called My Shopping Genie and is owned by Mynet Universe.

Shopping channels have emerged as a popular trend of current times. They are particularly helpful for those who find it tough to take time off from their busy schedule. Find out numerous benefits offered by shopping channels.

Gained the height of popularity in the mid 1970's and exploded in the 1980's as a place where people would congregate to go and just to hang out. While the social facets of the retail complex played a more substantial part before the economic economic downturn, the revenue potential is what is driving their rebirth.

We might have come across this simple question that why most of the individuals always go for the shopping centres in the city of Denver! The answer to this question is that the city of Denver is covered from the shopping revolves and malls.

You want to shop for a week's supply at Wal-Mart and as you enter the store, you notice that all the shopping carts are gone. How would you feel? Of course, you'd feel like not shopping at all and switch to other stores where shopping carts are available.

Over the years, Madrid has become synonymous with excellent shopping. Designer brands, boutiques and plenty more besides are situated throughout the city where the visitor can definitely shop 'till they drop. There are different possibilities for shopping in Madrid.

The University of Arizona conducted a four-year study on shopping carts and found them to be full of human saliva, mucus, urine, fecal matter and blood and juices from raw fish, chicken and meat. Closer examination of the handles and the child seats showed some harbored E-coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Influenza and there are others.

Regardless if you're just building your home and working with the architect, or if you're working with an interior designer to add in a trendy upstairs washing room into your existing home, you might want to consider these top ten things that most clients aim for, either by preference or through regrets of not putting it into their original design plans.

The 1950s retro products you can find recreate the magic associated with this period. Getting nostalgic by wearing retro dresses and shoes and using other retro products has a charm of its.

Ireland, with its significantly higher amount of rainfall and lower temperatures than its longitudinal UK comparison maintains a famous lush and fashionable gardening habit. Use of gardens for liveable space is, regardless of the rain, a popular home improvement and design focus.

When i was younger I had heard the pet Shop Boys on the radio whenever new singles had been released but it wasn't until I was about 14 or 15 when i started to take more of an interest in their music. This was because I had never taken the time to be handled by more than one song at a time.

We begins with an assumption that i really enjoy seeing, it has dawned giving you that you have to go shopping for rabbit cages. Perhaps it is at the very beginning of your rabbit keeping venture, and you know that you need to get the new pets accommodations at.

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